Target new customers with your customized BANNERS

Create,schedule and design your shopify store banners now!
Evenntify let you target new Customers by letting you customize your own banners based on your needs and niche!

Shopify app banners custom niche customers target custom
Shopify app banners custom niche customers target custom
Shopify app banners custom niche customers target custom


Target new customers by creating your custom shopify store banners.
We offer a large choice of sticky and floating type of banners.
Our Banner builder is easy to use and there is no need know any programming language to use it.

Custom catchy Banners is now Easy with Evenntify UNLIMITED BANNERS

Are you a shopify store Owner? Evenntify is made for you,it gives you the chance to build your own custom banners. With a large amount of design options,Evenntify give you the lead to target new potential customers.

Thank to it's well designed builder,you will have a large amount of properties that you can customize as you wish. You can also activated the banner instantly on your store or you can choose to active it on your store by scheduling it for a future date.

What are you waiting for ?

Banner Ideas

Create you Banner now and get in contact with you potential clients!

Unlimited Banners

You can create unlimited Banners.

Catchy Banners

Attracting new Clients is essential to any business

Scheduled Banners

You can schedule a banner to be active on your shopify e-commerce.

Start you free trial now and create awesome Banners

Easy use Builder
Unlimited number of Banners
Awesome Customer service
Win new Customers and Grow business!

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Take a look at Our FAQ section or Contact US!

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Our features & Services

Do you have a shopify store ? Install Evenntify now on your shopify store and get you this awesome features & services and grow your business!

Scheduled Banners

You can schedule a date when the banner will be activated on your shopify store.

Attractive Dashboard

Evenntify gives you an intercative dashboard with your successfull banners for retargeting!

Mobile Friendly

Evenntify is optimized to fit all devices (large screens,tablets and mobile phones )!

Responsive design

Evenntify web pages are optimized and adapted to make it easier for you to work with it!

Unlimited Banners

Evenntify give you the chance to create and own unlimited number of banners!

Image and Color Banners

Evenntify gives you a large choice of images ans colors!

Our Clients Say

I was looking for the best and I found this team,they made 4 apps for me and we still working together, never hestitate to hire this team thank you for your great work!



Really nice team to work with. Will give them work in the future.


United States

A great Team, so cordial and friendly. It was a pleasure working with them.



Our Pricing Plan

We propose a monthly pricing plan called



This is Our Plan



  • Interactive Dashboard

  • Unlimited Banners

  • Free Banner builder

  • Color Banners

  • Image Banners

  • Sticky Banners

  • Floating Banners

  • Scheduled Banners

  • 24/7 Support

  • Contact section

Do you have any Question ?

What's Evenntify ?

Evenntify is a shopify app that can be installed on any shopify store.

Evenntify gives you the chance to create your own shopify banners,when activated on your shopify store,it will be shown for you store visitors.

Evenntify is made by a team of experienced web developpers.

Is there a free trial ?

Yes! When you install Evenntify, you will have a 7 days free trial where you can test the app and see what it is capable of. If for some reason you think it is not for you, just uninstall it from your store during your trial and you will never be charged.

You will be charged by Shopify

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